Online Nutrition & Fitness Coaching with Tara Fitness

  “I’ll never lose weight!"  

"I’ve tried every diet and always end up piling on the pounds again."  

"I just want to be a healthy role model for my kids, but I’ve got no idea where to start!"


Are you Tired?

Tired of feeling out of shape, but can't face climbing back on the calorie-counting bandwagon?

Imagine having your very own weight-loss Yoda to teach you the secret to losing weight and keeping it off FOR GOOD. *


Embarrassed to be stuck on the side lines watching your kids running around, but no time to get to the gym?

Imagine getting a flexible exercise plan that fits around your hectic lifestyle. Speedy laps of the supermarket before the baby wakes up totally count.


Wondering how you can make time to lose weight, when your kids, partner, boss and neighbour's dog all need something first?

Imagine a weight loss coach who won’t tell you to tough it out, but instead will help you master the habits for a healthier you in less than 15 minutes a day.  

And I know you spend longer than that scrolling on FB…

*Ok, it’s not really a secret. Nearly 100,000 people have already seen amazing results with this system. You’re in good company.

Because if your average day looks anything like this


You were running late for the school run and forgot to pack your own lunch (yes, 8am is too late to find out that it’s costume day);  


Then your boss brought forward a project deadline so you didn’t have time for a canteen pit-stop (not that a fridge-flavoured tuna sandwich was that appealing anyway);


So you had to sit through a loooong afternoon meeting, mindlessly scoffing Tim Tams to stave off those awkward belly gurgles; 


And now you’re juggling dinner prep, last week’s laundry and the kids’ homework while trying your best not to crack open the wine… 

…then there’s no way you’re going to feel excited about eating rabbit food or being yelled at by some burly beefcake while you do push ups in the park at the butt crack of dawn

Any reasonable person would be getting stuck into the chocolate as soon as the front door is shut. #notjudging 

But guess what? You CAN lose weight without a complete lifestyle overhaul.  

Losing weight just got easier!

Hi, I’m Tara Fitness. I’m an online nutrition and fitness coach. 

I help busy parents (and grandparents!) like you lose weight and keep it off for good.  

(And yes, 'Fitness' is my real surname. I was born to do this 😉).  

I’ve heard so many clients say things like:  

  • ‘I want to be fit enough to run around with my son when he’s older…’  
  • ‘I want to have more energy to spend time with my grandkids…’  
  • ‘I want to be a good role model for my kids so they see that healthy eating and exercise is part of a normal life…’  

So I'm on a mission!

I want to help you become the parent or grandparent you want to be – because looking after yourself IS looking after your kids.  

Sure, I want you to love what you see in the mirror, but more than that, I want you to feel great. I want you to be proud of who you are and proud to be a great role model for your kids.  

But I know that surviving on less than 3 hours sleep and juggling work, family and all the rest means eating well and exercising can take a back seat.  

With my monthly membership coaching program, you won’t just lose weight. You’ll have the skills, knowledge and confidence to keep it off for life, so you can enjoy a happy and healthy future for you and your kids. 

This is the last time you’ll ever go on a diet. Pinkie promise.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish someone would just tell me what to eat!”

Yeah, you might lose a few pounds, but sooner or later, real life sneaks its way back in, the weight creeps back on, and before you know it, you’re back in your ‘comfy’ jeans.  

What if I said I could teach you how to eat better, plan your workouts AND break the habits that got you in trouble in the first place?  

I’ve partnered with Precision Nutrition to bring you ProCoach, the best nutrition coaching system in the world (over 100,000 people worldwide have used it, losing over a million pounds of fat).

With regular coaching calls, an online portal, and a private Facebook group filled with friendly fellow fat fighters, I’ve got everything you need to make this the last diet you’ll ever need.  

It’ll be like having a personal trainer in your pocket.  

My number one priority is to support you. I’ve spent years helping people change their lives for the better, and I can do the same for you.  

“I was pretty terrified of committing to something like this – I’ve studied online before, failed, and given up. But Tara was really reassuring. She made me feel confident and being consistent has really paid off. I’ve developed a great relationship with food, I’m more aware of what my family are eating, and I’ve lost a little weight!” 

– Kasey Seal.

But don’t just take my word for it…

“Absolutely amazing! I highly recommend Tara to anyone looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass or tone up.” 

Callum Burnett, South West Rocks, NSW  

“Many years of yoyo dieting and exercise ups and downs led to some poor food and lifestyle choices. Tara has been a revelation about the ways to achieve a healthier and ultimately happier future."  

Lesley Darr, Dungog NSW  

'"I'm trying to change habits that are in many cases several years old and are set in stone. This program, however, is providing me with a sledgehammer and chisel."

James Seal, Launceston, TAS

Let's be honest!

Shiny new diets that promise amazing results in a matter of weeks are soooo tempting. Who wouldn’t want to drop a dress size by next Saturday?

But you’ve tried that – you know it doesn’t work! Why go there again?  

I could get super strict and yell at you to ‘go hard or go home’, but that’s not what I do. This is about being fairly consistent with eating and exercise, in a way that fits in with your real life. No fad diets. No quick fixes. It’s not sexy, but it works.  

So if you’re looking for a 12-week body transformation template modelled by an air-brushed celebrity, or a personal trainer to count reps for you and say, ‘thanks for your money, see you next week!’ at the end of each session, this isn’t your thing.  

But if you’re up for a realistic, sustainable approach, based on building good healthy habits from the inside out, this is exactly what you need.  

More love from clients…

“I have always struggled with motivation when it comes to exercising. Tara has become more of a friend than a coach. I appreciate everything she is doing to assist me with my weight loss goals – I would recommend Tara to anyone!”

Donna Farrell, Sydney NSW  

"Everything Tara said, seemed to all of a sudden make sense and I felt very motivated and more positive about my relationship with food. It gave me confidence to fully dive into the program [VIP weight loss coaching].""  

 Kasey Seal, Launceston TAS  

“If anybody is looking at a new change to a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight, well Tara is by far the best PT! I’ve been training with her for 6 weeks and she is very supportive and has helped me a lot with my weight loss.”

Kailah Edwards, Kempsey NSW  

So here’s what you’ll get:  

A coaching system that…  

  • can fit around an already hectic lifestyle, 
  • focuses on teaching you one new skill at a time,
  • is relevant to people of all ages, including your children, 
  • provides simple suggestions for change, and
  • actually works!  

If you want to... 

  • Understand how to create healthy meals for you and your family;  
  • Learn how to exercise effectively no matter where you want to train; and  
  • Be supported to implement these strategies so you can confidently follow them long term;  

So you can


  • Lose weight; 
  • Look and feel better;
  • Gain more energy and vitality; 
  • Increase your chance of getting off medications; 
  • Get control of your eating;
  • Learn how to stay consistent; and 
  • Be a better role model for your kids and grandkids;  

…then this monthly coaching program is 100% for you!!!

So Tara, this all sounds amazing! How does the coaching actually work?

I’m glad you asked! 

I offer 3 levels of coaching, for wherever you are in your weight loss journey. With each monthly membership you’ll get the benefit of a world class system, with all the research and techy tools that come with that, but tailored for you with your own personal coach.  

You’ll lose weight, gain strength and boost your health.  

You’ll have a better relationship with food, you’ll feel great, and you’ll inspire your family and friends.  

You ready? I am. Pick a level and let’s get started.  

You owe it to Future You!  

Essentials Coaching

Let’s get the basics sorted. The Essentials nutrition-only coaching program is a fantastic option for people who are just beginning their weight loss journey. While you might think that losing weight is all about getting sweaty in the gym, the most important thing is actually to get your eating right (most of the time 😉).  

If it’s been a while since you’ve exercised consistently, or you’re already moving regularly but don’t want a specific training program, choose the Essentials to double down on improving your nutrition habits.  

You’ll get:  

  • Nutrition Habits Coaching powered by ProCoach;  
  • Weekly email support; and  
  • Access to the TFPT Members-only Facebook Group.  

Elevate Coaching

Want to take your weight loss to the next level? With the Elevate program, you’ll get all the benefits of the Essentials nutrition coaching, PLUS tailored exercise programming to get your fitness on track.

If you want to tackle your weight loss efforts from all angles, or if you’re exercising already and just want a more specific program to follow, Elevate is for you.  

You’ll get:  

  • Everything that’s included in the Essentials programme (Nutrition Habits Coaching powered by ProCoach, weekly email support and access to the TFPT Members-only Facebook Group);  
  • AND a tailored workout program that fits around your abilities and lifestyle.  

Elite Coaching

If you’re serious about reaching your weight loss goals, you need a great coach in your corner. With the Elite package, you’ll get all the benefits of the Essentials and Elevate programmes but with the added advantage of one-on-one private coaching calls with me every fortnight.  

If you feel like you’ve tried every weight loss strategy in the book, or you’re fed up spending lots of time, energy and money on weight loss products that just don’t work, then this is for you. The Elite package is for those who are truly done with dieting and are ready to commit to getting the body and life they want by this time next year.  

You’ll get:  

  • Everything that’s include in the Essentials and Elevate programmes (Tailored workout program, Nutrition Habits Coaching powered by ProCoach, weekly email support and access to the TFPT Members-only Facebook Group);  
  • AND personal one-to-one coaching via a fortnightly 30-minute Skype or phone call, for that extra support and accountability.  

Payments are in Australian Dollars.  

Pay in GB Pounds instead.

Payments are in Australian Dollars.  

Pay in GB Pounds instead.

Payments are in Australian Dollars.  

Pay in GB Pounds instead.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Who is this for? 

This is for people who’re sick and tired of feeling out of shape, but cannot face another low-carb-low-fat-low-flavour diet. This is for people who are excited about turning their health goals into reality and are willing to put in consistent effort to make a long-term change. Are you up for it?! 

Who is this not for? 

If you’re looking for a quick fix or you want me to tell you what to eat every single day so you don’t need to think about it, this isn’t for you. I want you to learn how to do this for yourself you can stick to your new healthy habits for life. 

How long will it take to see results? 

Making the decision to take control of your health, for you and your kids, will feel great IMMEDIATELY. What a relief – you’re finally doing this! But this is a long-term programme. It’s not a race to the finish line. While it’s a monthly membership, meaning you can stop after a couple of months if you like, I’d ask you stick it out for 12 months to see the changes you really want. We’re implementing habits for the rest of your life. We want this to work.  

How much time do I need to dedicate to this each week? 

Through the ProCoach programme we’ll work on daily habits that will take a max of 10 minutes a day. Rather than spending hours on meal prep, we’ll be building on the things you already do and tweaking them to make them a little healthier – so eating well shouldn’t be too much extra work. Obviously, your workouts will need a little more time, but again, we’ll find ways to fit this in around your lifestyle.

Will you give me a meal plan?

Ok so here’s the thing. There’s no point in me giving you a meal plan, because as soon as you go out for dinner or round to a mate’s house, the plan is out the window, you feel bad for ‘failing’, and you give up. And do you really want me writing meal plans for you for the rest of your life? I want you to be confident about making your own decisions about what to eat, and I’ll give you all the tools to do that. There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods – we’re going for balance and satisfaction! 

Are you going to shout at me if I accidentally eat a Mars Bar? 

Haha! No! Nutrition and fitness don’t have to be all or nothing. You can still have a piece of cake if you want. This is about small changes that add up over time – it’s going to make your life better, not take it over. 

I have injuries or a food allergy/intolerance, can I still follow the plan? 

Yes. We’ll do a detailed intake questionnaire at the start which covers this sort of thing. 

I haven’t exercised in about 3326247 years. Can I still do this? 

 Of course! We’ll assess where you are now and start slowly. 

Can I work out at home or do I need a gym membership?  

 You can do either or both. 

What is online coaching? Can you really coach me from the other side of the world? 

All your daily habit lessons, meal guides and workout plans will be on the ProCoach portal, and I’ll be able to check in with you and monitor your progress. We’ll be able to chat online, live or just whenever you wanna send me a message. Unlike an in-person trainer, you don’t need to wait until next week to ask me your questions or double check things – I’m here whenever you need me. Like a coach in your pocket! You’ll also get access to my exclusive Facebook group where I hang out daily to answer any questions. You can literally do this from anywhere in the world! 

What happens when I sign up? 

After you sign up, you’ll get a welcome pack which includes all the info you need to get started. You’ll get immediate access to your account in ProCoach and the Facebook group. You’ll get a nutrition quick-start guide so you know what to expect, and the daily coaching emails will begin! We’ll kick things off with a coaching call in the first week so we can get to know each other, and if you sign up for the Elite programme, we’ll arrange a time for our fortnightly calls.  

What happens in the Facebook group? 

All the things! We’ve got daily posts, recipes, challenges, fitness tips, and I do a live stream every week to help you keep on track. You’ll be part of a friendly community of people just like you, so you can cheer each other on. 

YOLO, as the kids say, so make it count. Take ownership of your health today and join me in getting fit for life.

P.S. YOLO = "You Only Live Once" ... don't worry, it took me a while to figure it out too ;-P 

P.S. This is a month-by-month program that you can cancel any time. But by now you know that getting the results you want will take patience and persistence. I promise you’ll see results if you stick it out, and remember, I’ll be with you all the way. Having said that, if you complete the 12-month program and do at least 80% of what I ask during that time, and you STILL don’t see any progress, I’ll refund your ENTIRE YEAR’S worth of payments. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. But I’m confident I won’t need to do that, because THIS WORKS!